HRS Communities is the parent company of Homes of Elegance by Walkable Communities. Our dynamic team of real estate development professionals has established an impressive legacy: HRS Communities has directed the development of 25,000 housing units throughout the country. Our portfolio features a diverse range of projects, including adaptive reuse, residential housing, historic renovation, land development, mixed-use development and housing renovation.

With a focus on promoting walkability in thriving neighborhoods, Homes of Elegance offers the best of live, work and play. By living close to retailers, restaurants, parks and world-class school systems, you can feel much more connected to the community. Walkability even offers benefits to your health, your finances and the environment.

Experience a boost: research has shown that walkable neighborhoods promote happiness and a more active lifestyle. Cut down on your gas mileage and environmental footprint by completing your errands on bike or on foot. Embrace the many benefits of vibrant living with Homes of Elegance by Walkable Communities.