All homes closing 4/28/17 and later should contact ProHome directly at 248-449-1100 for warranty service.  All homes closing prior  to 4/28/17 should continue to contact 248-615-1313.  

HRS provides scheduled warranty services for non-emergency items at 11 months after the closing date. To request this service, please complete the 11 month service form and submit it to the office prior to your 11 month anniversary. Please note that the warranty service is provided on a homeowner request basis only; we do not contact the homeowner to obtain a list.


Please understand that the warranty service is for warranty items only, as specified in your Welcome Home Guide. The service does not cover personal home maintenance issues such as caulking, filters, light bulbs etc. or personal property damage. It also does not cover any scratches, chips, or other damage to finished surfaces such as fireplace surround, wood, tile or vinyl flooring, countertops, screens, dents to entry doors and garage overhead doors, cabinets, interior doors, tubs, mirrors, and showers that were inspected at the final walkthrough and found to be satisfactory. We will refer to your final walkthrough list for any pre-existing defects or damages which were noted on your 11 month list, and any such damages not identified at the final walk-through must be treated as personal property damage occurring after the closing, and therefore are not covered by warranty.

Please remember that all drywall touchups, for nail pops and cracks from the house settling, will be covered under the 11 month service. Painting is not included for the drywall touchups due to the difficulty in matching paint colors. Ceramic tile grout that cracks during the first year after closing is also done only once at the 11 month service due to settling of the house.


In order to schedule service during the appropriate time frame, we request that the 11 month warranty service request (download link to the PDF below) be submitted two weeks prior to the 11 month anniversary. Please sign and date the provided list and submit it to our mailing address, fax number, or email address as listed at the top of the form.


Once the form has been submitted, please allow up to two weeks for HRS to make contact and schedule an appointment with our Construction Team. In the initial meeting, someone from our Construction Team will review the list with you to determine what repairs need to be done, if they are covered by the warranty, and what trade specialists will be needed. The service department will then schedule service dates with the necessary parties once the list is reviewed. All items will need to be signed off by you on the day they are completed.


Thank you for your attention, punctuality, and understanding as we work with you on your new home. We hope you have enjoyed your experience and know that we strive to provide our best service for you.


Download the Warranty Service Request Form Here